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30 Jun 20

We're arriving to "Open Beta" period. We bring what we believe is the most important information about the faq of our community. We hope it can solve your doubts. We keep in touch.


The days pass, the launch of the beta is coming closer, and the questions of our users continue to arrive.
It seems that we've been a little short with the information that we have provided in the section
"Join the Beta", so we present today in the following announcement; to try to solve all your questions.

Do not waste any more time. Let's go there! Let's talk about several important points.


Many of our users were confused with the rewards offered by our packages (mainly with the acquisition
of the different Heroes). Some Users thought that the Heros which we offered would be available for
the BETA period, when in fact they are for the official release and permanently. For beta users we will
have the privilege to occupy all the Heros that we will be enabling on the running of the days (The 31
Heroes will be completed during this period). From day number one, players will have the first ten
selected characters. They are:

Marksmen: Hawkeye - Bounty Hunter
Assasins: Gladiator
Mages: Necromancer
Warriors: Destroyer - Tyrant
Tanks: Paladin - Temple Knight
Supports: Bishop - Bladedancer
Summoners: None so far

You can see the essence of each Hero by clicking here


Our websites are currently translated into English, and Spanish (both languages ​​are also used to
provide support to all our users). The team hopes to incorporate as soon as possible throughout
the entire site in portuguese. Opposite is the case of our client, who will be only available in
English for launch day.


225 Skins are those that will become available since the closed beta. As with the Heroes, it is
expected that we incorporate many more with the passage of time. We expect to reach a range
of 750 skins when the official opening arrives (between weapons, armor, accessories, etc.)
Skins will be able to be obtainable through Newline Coins (Reward for donations) & Bounty Boxes
(Rewards for games played). Also, it is important to clarify that we are enabling the
possibility to trade all skins between users from the main city. 


Four are the bounty boxes will be available for the beta. They are:

1. Normal Box: When open it, you will obtain a part of "Normal" random skin.
2. Legendary Box: When open it, you will obtain a part of "Legendary" random skin.
3. Divine Box: When open it, you will obtain a part of "Divine" random skin.
4. Heroic Box: When open it, you will obtain a part of "Heroic" random skin.

- These boxes can repeat a skin that you already have at your disposal. But remember, you can
trade all your skins with other users.


Until now, we believe that the center plant of Newline will be hosted in Atlanta. Alpha
development period has been helpful in strengthening our compliance with the performance
of our servers. Latency has remained within the levels previously estimated. On the other hand,
Repeatedly our defense was tried to violate, but fortunately attempts have been in vain. Our
infrastructure team is working alongside TICS day at day, evaluating the possibility of accelerating
connections S.U. Which involves extending our servers to Europe, and Latin America. Honestly
we don't know if we will be able to finish this project up to the launch date, but it is very clear that
it's an important point to finish solving this as soon as possible. Still we need many performance
analysis to test the functioning of the server during the next period. When the amount of users
raise exponentially, the resources obviously will have to raise instantly too. We will keep you
informed, about this topic as always.


The main menu of the game is temporarily located within the "community board" (Pressing the
TAB key inside the game). Within it, you can view your account statistics, join or create a game.
Also you can see statistics of your team and the opposing team in real time, while you are playing.
The external menu which we had been talking of for some time has been replaced. The reason is
that a better opportunity has come to us. We have realized with the achievements obtained in the
course of these last months that we can do a much more professional menu, and incorporate it
directly into the game client (without having to open a window away as it was time ago). In short,
we have started from scratch again this work, with the repeated goal to achieve a much more
dynamic and fun game. The ideas are really fascinating, If I were not working since years on
Newline would say it is total madness. I won't spam more about this subject, better we live it as a


If you think there is no possibility of win the game that you're playing, you can start a votation to
make your team surrender, using the commands: .surrender or .ff (after 15 minutes). If 65% of
your allies vote positive, then the game will automatically end, and your team will have lose. Tip:
The games can always comeback, never give up!

Aside from that, you will find also enabled the .rework command. This works as follows: If a
character is disconnected during the first 3 minutes of the game and no allied have died during
that period of time, then any of your team may initiate a vote to end the game without this
remaining in the match history of participants. Indeed, the disconnected user will receive an
automatically increase of Karma as punishment.


The VIP memberships will be enabled from the first day of release for all users who have
acquired the Hero package (but not all its functions). The duration of these begin to run since
 the time when all functions are enabled. The team will make the corresponding announcement
when the time comes.


In the closed beta the clans system will be enabled without any restriction. Users can create
clans, and increase their levels unimpeded. As we mentioned in several sections, Newline
will have, in the future, ranked games, both individual and group (clans). Ranked game for
clans provide or take fame points at the end of each game, obviously depending on the
outcome of the same. These points are the ones that in the future will decide the level of the


Newline offers rewards to all its users for every game played (Experience, Newline Records &
Bounty Boxes). The amount of rewards earned by players per game, varies by
different factors. They are:

1. Bonus for the first victory of the day.
2. Result of the game.
3. Total time of the game.
4. Bonus for consecutive winned game.
5. AFK Player (don't get any kind of reward).

- The Newline Records are used to purchase Heros, the Dyes, and the Masteries; while the Bounty Boxes for skins.


In the vast majority of projects, the BETA period usually represent the first full version of the
product. This version may be somewhat unstable, so it is useful for technical inspections
(Technical Preview [TP]). At this stage of development we are polishing the last details of the
software, making an exhaustive monitoring of the server performance, solving all kinds of bug
reported, and performing implementations postponed until this moment. The ultimate goal is
to achieve full stability at each of these points.Even so, instability in any of them could cause large
malaises. So it is always advised to perform a rollback (data reset) before the ultimate
official release. That in fact is what we do.

What will keep after rollback?

- Accounts of all users.
- Nick of the characters who participated in the open beta.
- Bounty Boxes.
- Obtained skins.
- Newline Coins.
- Magical Boxes.
- Account bonuses.
- VIP memberships.
- Friends List.
- Used Macros.

What is that is lost after rollback?

- Accounts level.
- Accounts general statistics.
- Newline Records.
- Clans / Alliances.
- Betakeys.
- Obtained trophies.
-  Dyes / Masteries.
-  Heros. (At the end of the BETA period, we will eliminate all Heros from accounts to make
the corresponding deliveries of rewards packages).

Well, I think at this point we have already answered the most important questions received
so far. But we would like to close this post with a little bit more of additional information about what we are thinking to do with Newline, in the future. On several occasions we mentioned that we seek to bring
the project as high as possible, and we are aware that to achieve this, work, implementations
and optimizations must be continuous. Therefore, instead of only working in the present, our
team is always projecting into the future too. Some of the many projects that we have in mind are:


Since its beginnings Newline always choose not to lose the essence of the game that we always liked.
This is mainly reflected today in our balance. But that does not just stop there, the
essence of L2 is not just that, and the fans and us both well know this. When nostalgia round within our heads
we remember those endless sieges, massacre by the epics, the entusiasmantic Olympics,
and many more other things that we do not want to remain only as a beautiful memory. So we are fully
committed to working on this issue. Newline intends to implement all these events as new
game alternatives. We do not want our users to immerse into a routine of playing the classic
mode and nothing else. We know that many players exhausts of routine quickly, and that is
another reason that drives us to want to innovate day by day.


Our team has been working on communication between users during the Alpha period, but still
much remains to be done. We see this as a key to any type of online game, but much more
for the genre that we are proposing today. The next steps to work in are these:

1- Active microphones: Newline wants all its players to talk to its allies via microphone inside
the games.
2- Mini-Map: We know that we can optimize even more our radar. In this we will be focusing.
3- Pre-designed Macros: Our team will be working on pre-designed macros to optimize
communication during the various plays that might occur.
4- Tokens: We believe that some of the Tokens will need a hand with their designs so that
actions are even clearer. Who we protect? Who we focus? Who we assist?
These are key questions to win any teamfight, and the token can save a big headache when
one is looking for those answers in the midst of combat.


We are aware that Newline will catch the attention of a lot of different players. Most of our future
users probably already know the base game, and be fairly familiar with it. But we can not forget
those who are unaware. For them we will be putting together various tutorials on the own
control of the character, so that when comes the time to play the first games, many of them
would feel more comfortable.


As we have already mentioned above, users can access their accounts statistics by community
board (in the "My Account" section).
In this section you will be able to see the following:

1- Number of games played, won, and lost.
2- Overall Performance of the Player, total of kills and deaths.
3- Player Respect, number of positive reports (Reco) and negative (Karma)
4- Number of cups won in friendly tournaments. (Bronze, Silver, and Gold)
5- General Statistics: Greatest amount of damage, healing, damage taken, longest streak of kills (In one game).
6- Multiple Kill Streak: Number of double, triple, tetra, and omni kills.

While this is a good base to start the Beta period, our team is interested in deepening further
on this subject. First we would like to ensure that all users can go to see the statistics of any
player (not only of oneself). Aside from that, we also would like to expand a little more the number
of statistics shown, we want to incorporate:

1- Most Played Heroes.
2- Match History.
3- Frequently friends you play with.
4- Top List of Players.


The Masteries and Dyes will not be enabled from the start of the BETA period, but will be
incorporated in the course of it. These additional benefits will be a great complement to
increase the stats of all Heros. You can choose if you are specialized in damage, attack
speed, movement speed, critical, or resistance.


At the end of each game, all users can generate reports about its allies and enemies. At
the moment there are two types of reports, negative (+ Karma) and positive
(+ Recommendations). The formula used by Newline ends up creating a calculation that
evaluates the Respect for each player. If it is in low range, the golden moderators
will perform an exhaustive tracking on the user. If found in an inappropriate attitude, the player
will be automatically punished (The punishment will always be a decision of our moderators).

Well, I think this information is more than enough, anyway, any concerns, can contact us
via forum. We keep tuned!

Newline Team


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