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25 Oct 16

We are talking about the biggest update up to date. There are many changes and implementations that divides us from our last version. Everything is practically ready to farewell Alpha period...


The launch of the latest version (0.5) facing the BETA period is a fact. The progress achieved by Newline
regarding gameplay is really interesting. We have achieved a much more dynamic, varied and fun game
than ever, so we can say: "Our main mission is accomplished." Today everything is much more focused
on objectives, and team fights, something that we had been looking for a while. We feel the joy of having
fulfilled what we consider the most important subject for the release of this long awaited period, now it's
time to get to work on the final details, to start this great legend. Without more to say, as always we keep
you informed about the last updates (we'll be busy for quite a while).


First let's talk about the most important changes in this latest patch, who focus mainly on balance. Months
ago, we felt that there were still much to be done on this issue, because the game was not as dynamic as
we expected. For this reason, after countless amounts of discussions, finally we've decided to implement,
and optimize the following points:

Previously, the benefits that the characters could get with the gold gained during the games, were based on
items (weapons, armor, jewelry, etc). Today, all items (except potions) were replaced by a total of 18 Buffs
(essential benefits to increase the stats of all characters). On the other hand we have enabled the Nobility.
It is acquired by the Manager for a total cost of 800 Adena. As much of us already know, this ability is very
useful, because if you are under the effect of it, you will not lose your buffs when you die. Finally (about
benefits topic) we have implemented the system enchants with some minor modifications within the Manager.
Now you can enchant your weapon in the course of the game to increase your physical or magical damage
at a total cost of 50  Adena (By enchant). The safe rate, of course is at 100%, and
the maximum enchantment: +10.

Our first ten Heros are ready for combat. Hawkeye, Bounty Hunter, Paladin, Temple Knight, Necromancer,
Destroyer, Tyrant, Bladedancer, Gladiator & Bishop
are the characters that will be available since the official 
BETA period launch. We have focused 100% on them to ensure we have full balance and well control from
the beginning. Through the BETA period we will implement the missing 21 classes.

What's important to highlight from the Heros, is that now they have his 8 abilities from the start of the game
and there is no more need to level them up. This has created a much more aggressive game from the early
game, as players have the necessary tools to do so. This is part of the dynamic that we were mentioning.

We would like too to mention about a very interesting topic, gameplay of heroes tanks (who currently
extraordinarily fulfill their function). While Newline towers are significantly important when comes the time to be
protected under them, they are not as strong as probably one is accustomed to seeing in other mobas; And
the tanks have a very strong weapon in this. These types of Heroes can be used to bait the enemies without any
problems (as long as they want to specialize in their respective rol: Resistance). The Temple Knight, for example,
is a hero of excellence to counter any magician, due to its large amount of magical resistance. Allowing you to
play very aggressively in the Middle Line (under the enemy tower) if you believe are not about to be ganked.
To meet all Heroes, click here

We are extremely satisfied with the work done in the spells, so there was no need to make major changes.
We have only removed the "Jumping" from the list, to offer it to all Heroes since the beginning of the game,
but now cost 250 Adena, and will have no cooldown.

Well, let's continue with this. Let's talk about the Minions, who suffered a series of fairly significant changes
during recent months. We could say that they have lost much importance, as its new AI is now much more
passive than before. Minions currently attacks enemy characters if its range of vision can not find any other
objective (towers, enemies or minions). This ends with a positive impact on the fighting between Heroes, as
they have one less thing to worry about when launching against his opponents. By this, the stats of all of
them have been modified in order to adjust them to their new environment. Today, the minions are relatively
more resistant against towers, and all of them drops adena (At first instances only did the guards) although it
is noteworthy that the drop range was severely reduced. We have also been working on its aesthetics,
replaced some of them, and optimizing the textures of the great majority. Meet the minions now! click here

The most important epic in Newline has entered in an exhaustive analysis to receive a intensive rework.
We have been optimizing its IA, adding different skills. Know them!

- Shard of Ice: Spheal recovers 10% HP.

- Wind Buster: Spheal stuns all close characters in a radius of 300.

- Freezing Cold: Spheal slows all close characters in a radius of 450.

- Eternal Blizzard: Spheal reduces 20% Atk. Speed and Cst. Speed to all the characters inside the cave.

- Ice Wall: Spheal inflicts damage on all nearby characters in a radius of 600.

We know we still have much more to do with Spheal, but we think this has been an excellent start.
The teamfights inside the ice cave are really crazy!

For many team members, this decision has not been easy. Nerf the towers, to make more "baits" in the
game, it sounded a little bit "risky" at first, because its not what they were used to be. In most of the MOBAs
turrets usually delete you easily, especially when you are low level, in a point that getting close to them
never cross your mind. But we bet once again our idea, and today we're happy to have done it, since the
outcome is as good as we expected.

In Newline, stats difference between early and late game, is not so prominent. For this reason and
several others, spawned the idea of the turrets not making such significant damage, because it was turning
the game negatively making a more passive game than we wanted. Be aware, we do not want us to be 
misunderstanded, the towers remains as a structure to respect, especially when you are not using a tank 
Hero, but without a doubt, "baits" in towers range are much more viable. Action,
that's what we always want!

In order to be closing with the latest developments of the towers, we would like to advice that we have
improved a little more artificial intelligence after the nerf. Now the towers also detect the support characters,
if they are interacting with an aggressive ally within range (buffing, healing, etc). Finally, we have
added new effects of: injury, death, and passivity of them.

Last but not least, while we were generally quite satisfied with the performance of the jungle, we felt that
there was still something else missing. So we have taken the decision to buff it giving a buff for each camp,
then being as follows:

- Golem Inferno / Inferno Buff: Gives a chance to slow your enemies for each basic attack made 
and increases life regeneration per second.
- Blue Fungus / Blue Buff: Reduces CD Reduction and increases mana regeneration per second.
- Poison Scorpion / Scorpion Poison: Each basic attack made on your enemies will cause they got
- Squirrel of Life / Heal of Life: Restores a small portion of HP.
- Chaos Knight / Chaos Resistance: Increases physical and magical resistances.


We want to offer more diversity of games, so we started working on the future game modes. Nowadays we
give a lot of time to "Castle vs Castle" map, since the idea have us totally attracted. As chief of the project
i feel that this mode (as Capture The Bosses) will be one of the most played, without a doubt. The playstyle is exactly what we were
looking for, a more dynamic and fluid game however you look at it.


The Updater has been tuned and is now working. Our UP Designer has been working on his new
to homogenize with the theme proposed by the game interface (the first one was much
more similar to the style of our previous external menu). We have also tasked to optimize some
functions that were pending, and finally we have ended linking it with our client protections (who are also
already active).


Our system of skins is fresh from the oven. Users can now trade and try a variety of 225 Skins. These
can be acquired through Newline Coins (via Price-Shop), & Bounty Boxes (vía Games). The types of
skins are: Normal, Legendary, Divine, Temporary, Special, Heroic, & Unique. Unlike all other mobas,
in Newline, skins are shared. This means that if we get a skin of an arc, this can be used in all
archers characters, and if we acquire an accessory, it can be used with all Heroes, like cloacks, mounts,
and aghations.


The external menu which we had been talking of for
some time has been replaced. The reason is that a better opportunity has come to us. We have
realized with the achievements obtained in the course of these last months that we can do a much
more professional menu, and incorporate it directly into the game client (without having to open a
window away as it was time ago). For this reason, the game menu was momentarily located within
the Community Board, eagerly waiting for its update. From the current menu users can view
your statics; of the account, of the game in real time, and create or join a game, etc.


- Geodata / Pathnodes: We've been checking every corner of the Inferno map to continue
optimizing its Geodata.
- Credits: Updated credits and background images.
- Sounds of atmosphere: We have been working in the sound atmosphere making a great amount of
- Change Ad / Tips: We have changed the ads, and we have also incorporated various TIPS inside
the game (in A-A).
- System reconnection: fixed several drawbacks encountered after the reconnection of the
- Barracks: We have implemented two barracks on the bases of both teams.
- Skills: Various visual effects of Heroes skills have been updated.
- Back: The visual effect of the back has been changed.
- Summons IA: We continue optimizing the summons AI to incorporate as soon as possible
to the Heroes who possess it.
- Lobby / Splash / Image Load: The lobby, image loading and splash been modified.
- Nexus: Our nexus now have new design! See it!


Well guys, I think that has been all the more relevant to today's date. We hope not to be
forgetting anything important. Anyway, we will keep you informed, as always! Surely the
following announcement to be writing, will be the BETA release date, I hope that time
comes soon. A big hug to everyone!

Atte. Newline Team


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