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By Redline

Rol: Administrador

30 Jun 20

"A great project needs a team of the same size" Today we show the active members of our development team their way of thinking and working, goals, attitude, origin place and lot more.


We are "Newline" and in that name we carry all our essence. Responsability, Madurity, experience and between
many others one of the most important to us is: Possitive Attitude always. This way of thinking is what allow us to
surpass ourselves individually and in groups every day breaking through any unexpected obstacle that can appear.

It is important to highlight from the beginning that our work team will have as main objective being able to promote:
Stability, Security, Support, Game Balance and of course the most fun possible for all our users. To achieve this we
reunited a set of forty three people, all highly trained for each necessary function. Meet them below:

Producer Team

Director - Executive Producer: “Redline” 
Publisher: “Raptor” 
Supervising Producer - Translator: “Sismo” 
Producer: “Jovirone” 

Game Development

Lead Server Programmer: "Orchu" 
Server Programmer: “Blackpwnd” 
Game Surveillance Unit Agent - Hosting Infrastructure: "MgbHard"  
Lead Game Designer: “Respect” 
Game Designer: “deMev” 
Balance Leader - Test Leader: "Mobb" 
Game Master: “Softtek” 
UI Programmer: “Savo” 
UI Designer: “Walkata” 
UP Designer: “MrAve” 
Game Tester: “Hounter” 
Game Tester: “Ludmila” 
Game Tester: “Woodz” 
Game Tester: “Crack” 
Game Tester: “Freeze” 
Game Tester: “Shygo” 
Game Tester: “Eomer” 
Game Tester: “Beosted” 
Game Tester: “Riggle” 
Game Tester: “Shantao” 
Game Tester: “Ezian” 
Game Tester: “Hares” 

Web Development

Web Programmer - Web Analyst: “Freed” 
Web Designer: “Haldier" 
Web Designer: “MrSmith" 
Web Surveillance Unit Agent: “Heyow" 

Multimedia Development

Ilustrator: “ZeitExmind ” 
3D Animator: “BSB” 
3D Animator: “BioHazard” 
Sound Director: “Rekk” 


Advertiser: "Cherry" 
Advertiser: "Telder" 
Actor Voice: Juan Gutiérrez  
Actor Voice: Marcelo Garay  
Actor Voice: Claudia Cáceres  
Actor Voice: Martin Friedman 
Actor Voice: Melina Walsh 
Actor Voice: Gustavo Gamallo  
Actor Voice: Alejo Vidal  

#Color: The members highlighted in this color will be recognized as "Golden Moderators". This role its
mainly about interacting continuously with all our users; informing the news of the server giving them a
good support whenever they need it and ensuring that they follow the rules. As you can see actually this
role is done by members of the development team. When the community starts to grow up we will be
giving this role to new members.

We have total confidence that we will create an unique and unparalleled server for many reasons. Mainly for our 
commitment, enthusiasm, and "gamer" vision. We work hard in this because it really passionate us. We know better
than anyone the dimensions of this project and the great expectatives that are set in it too. So our staff works with
agile development methodologies "Scrum*" with the idea of being at the heights of the circumstances. This way
each member of our staff is forced to put all of himself in every task surpassing any type of circumstance and
contingency that these same will propose. We believe that perfection lies beneath in detail from the creation of
a simple post up to the usage of high levels of programming and design. Here everything is thought several times
then it is debated, written ,assigned and finally it is accomplished (on time and correctly). Doesn't exists a more
important rule

In our work team there are old and young people. The majority are endorsed by a university degree (aside from the
information that we acquired through the experience of developing another servers). Actually in fact two of them are
owners of famous, recognized and respected communities worldwide level (which we prefer not naming them because
it  is irrelevant). Although these type of differences that can highlight us or not here anyone feels superior to another.
We all arrived with the same shared dream achieving  the best of the best stand out in every point and that each
minimum detail speaks for itself. For that we are praactically forced to work together united as brothers. And to say the
truth it suits well to us. Finally I don't want to extend it more so we will move to the summary of what thinks Newline
and how it moves between the points that by our point of view are more relevant. Let's start:


We believe that the word "Stability" represents the above mentioned items in a way or another so it is no coincidence that
this is the first point to define. Find stability from segurity, support, gameplay and quality is without a doubt one of the main
objectives of Newline. To achieve this the staff makes always the same process: First analyze the situation then telling it to
the team and their responsible (becoming it  a debate) and finally arriving to an agreement/solution. This way you
understand that you can find in our servers a full stability regarding:

- Connection:As users we always think that "lag" is one of the first factors of discouragement when is the time to play in
a server. For this reason we have made an careful investigation regarding network connections worldwide with the goal of
giving the major stability possible of connections. To know more about this topic click here

-Security: The security in Newline is taken very seriously. "Less mistakes more stability and vice versa" commented days ago
"Mgbhard" and without a doubt we think it is so. For that reason we have taken many measures so we can bring you the major
stability possible regarding this point. Generating automatic backups systems in various external shelters every 2 hours both for
SVG as SVF, modifications inside the client (unavoidable), protections against diverse evil programs and an excelent system of
general monitoring
so this way our personal in charge can control each movement made by the users.

- Gameplay: You can play calm, Newline promises always maintaining the stability of the game. We know how tedious is to choose a
server by its structure or its management style and then as the time moves on this become modified/reverted. For it this staff asure
you that our servers will maintain to the end the way of thinking that before it begins we are proposing you. The user will never be
affected by major changes.


As we mentioned earlier our development team is preparing since long ago. Mgbhard and Heyow focused from the start on
the security of every of our corners even when they never existed we started to planify our defense system against future
attacks. First they ensured to find a prestigous business that provides an strong security regarding the Distributed Denial  of
Service attacks (Ataques DDoS) one of the most frequent attacks up to date. In second place our "sysadmins" created a 
general monitoring system for each of our users achieving this way the absolute control of each movement made by them.
This way against any abnormal situation that makes presence our experts can analyze through an unique manner the
inconvenient, arriving in a short period of time to the solution. On the other hand they sophisticated the automatic backups system
which activates every two hours (both to the SVG as the SVF too). The copies are made in a secondary disk mainly and every 4
days these are sent to an external server where they are stored during a period of four months for greater security. They have
ensured too that the information between the data base and the menu/web is handled by remotely process created inside the base
to prevent any type of misinformation and limiting at the same time the query only access wihtout any posibility of receiving any 
type of modification. The previously called "remotely process" are previously verified by an "auth server" who checks that the sent
data to the stored procedure agreed with the Client's. This ones are sent by internal calls. As last information that we can bring to
you we clarify to you that our updater was made to check all the client's file to prevent by this way any possible modification from
the user. If it finds any difference will automatically start to download the original files of our repository and will replace the previously
modified. Once that all the files are checked the updater will give the "OK" and will allow the external menu execution who will be in
charge of detectting and automatically open the client. As a result we ensure there isn't any existant possibility of opening a "game
client" wihtout previously have passed our updater.

Lastly we can continue naming many more security preventions but we will be losing part of it if so (The "tricks" are never revealed).
For all this and more you can play calmly in our servers knowing that your achievements are within our own "lockbox".


One of the most strongest points of Newline without a doubt is the general balance that the player could find inside the game.
Mainly by the great amount of experience years that endorse the majority of us as players who intervene in a direct way
constantly on the game balance. Thanks to it our users will notice the optimum point not only at level of "PvP & GvG" 
between classes but also structural level (rewards, prices, respawn times ,distances, etc.). All this will start to strongly fall since
the beginning in the knowledge and ability that someone has from the game, will be totally key, and will make the difference in
every moment. There won't be classes with major advantages or disadvantages towards others (Each one will have its weak and
strong spot). We have analyzed it meticulously so that it is! thereby we ensure you that you can choose your favourite Race/Class
and getting the maximum benefit of it.

We could be talking about ourselvs much longer but surely up to this point we are boring you. So it is preferable closing the
issue. But we do not want to go without before making it clear that hardly you will find a server with so much work, endeavor,
effort and above all things, with a highly trained staff to come along with all this qualities. By all the reasons before mentioned
and many more that we do not managed to mention you will surely be playing one of the best servers of Lineage 2 we are
Newline and years of experience endorse us to be speaking as this.

Be Welcomed!


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