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By Redline

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30 Jun 20

It has been a long road... Exhausting... But passionating at the same time. After so much sacrifice It excites in a great way beeing so close to the goal! Thank you, thank you so much to all who supported us with their hearts in this project!


Newline's hard core is now more united than ever! happy that we can retake the project.

The bad moments pass away, the strength recovers, that's what life is about.

Here the strongest is the one who learn to stand up after every fall and only the one who
stops fighting for their dreams is lost

Each one of us carry his promise every day. It doesn't matter how much rocks get in the way,
Newline is a reality from the day it started. For every one who believed this, we feel obligated
to answer. Thousand of people have gifted us with their trust, that is more than gold to us and
the main fact today we are still here, against all odds.

For all the support we have received in this five years of develop, we are thanks immensely.
Thousands of positive comments encouraging us, and donations (fundamental) to hold the
great work team that we have formed, they left us speechless. I would like to remark four
especific cases, and I hope that no one gets jealous hahaha.

My partner since five years now. I've met her when I was starting Newline and from that
moment onwards she never stopped supporting me (like no one else) in all my goals. We
knew that it wasn't going to be an easy relationship for my life rythm, but even so we both
chose each other. She has known bearing it all, and thanks to that today we keep together.
My favourite person in this world.

A person fallen from the heaven. Our history is like a movie, and a only few know it (hope i
can expand better in the future trust me it will be worth). I met him five years ago by one of
those magical coincidences of life. The first time we met, the chat was shorter than fifteen
minutes. In that lapse, as usual I mentioned Newline. It didn't need more time to Pablo
deciding to become the Project Publisher two yeras later (without practically knowing me,
and there wasn't even the need for a signed paper in between). By that level of absolute
trust (and out of mind for the great mayority of the society) I will be eternally thankful.

A friend, of those that you count with the fingers of a single hand. The best gift that playing
L2 gave me without any doubt. I meet him since ten years, probably he is the one who most
understand what Newline means to me. Regrettably by a matter of time today he isn't in our
develop team  any more, but even so he always is looking to help. Hist last collaboration was
getting five last generation computers, with the idea that the hard core of the team can start
working in the same physic site. All the team is thankful for your great gesture brother!

He is one of the persons that got craziest with the project until now, Fanatic of L2 without any
doubt. He scarcely met Newline he searched me  moving heaven and earth until he finally
found me. When he made it, his first words was: "I'm here to help you in everything I can"
and that's how it went. Sebastian intervened in game development not only directly, he also
made a great amount of donations, keeping until today like the undisputed leader. Thank you
for so much Sebas!

Now that I gave myself the pleasure of giving thanks, we go directly to the point.
This are the news:

New Line.

Our name says it all, we have draw a new line in L2. Even with the "Classic Mode" propossed
we were making it; today we stress that line a little bit more.We decided to offer a greater
diversity of game, bringing new modes. Check our new game guide to keep you informed of
this and more.

 -Finished website.

Twelve update for your website. We believe that the same is "finished" to the BETA period
launch. Even so we will be bringing new sections. Something that soon will arrive: Support
System -by tickets-, decentralized balance, events. (we talked about them in other sections)
hope you enjoy it...

Advertising Campaing Launch.

With our website finished, the game is almost ready, the managed future activities, and the
defined date of launch (xx.xx.xx) we can initiate the advertising campaign. The same one
will start in the next two weeks, and it will keep intensively for three months period. In that
time we estimate an average range of 5 million people. Social media... There we go!

Ok guys, think this is the most important thing I had to say. Like you can see, today thanks
to God we have all good news our sites are much more complete than ever, so there is
information all over the place. Even so, in case that you don't find an answer to your doubt,
can contact us. We'll try to answer you ASAP (as soon as possible).

It has been a long road the one that we travelled.. We kept always in the same way, beeing
loyal to the detail, because we know that makes us a unique server and incredible. Be
announcing the launch date after so much sacrifice sounds crazy, I believe that no member
of the team is concious about what we're living. I assume that soon we will start to assuming
it, since surely when we less expecting, we will get to the four digits figure of users.

See you soon community, It is almost time to enjoy every good thing that we are making.

Start counting the days! And remember it always! Never give up!

PD (Important): We will try to be the much closer we can to the community from today on,
but understand that we're on a critical moment of work, when it is normal to see us covered
of incidents. Our main objective will be comply with the propossed dates in the better way
possible, so we will put all our efforts in that. The news will come by the social media and
in our official forum. The answer to your doubts, by tickets.We won't be so active as we
would like in every social media but needless to say that when we can accommodate, we
are going to keep you informed of every detail, even if it is the smallest one.


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