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Capítulo I

Chapter I

The beginning of the change

I’m just going to tell what I remember of the beginning of this story. The rest… I would rather not talk for now. A few months ago, or at least I think so, the system for some became perfect. The gods of Aden provide our life. In wars, and at any daily routine, if anyone dies… In a few seconds it will be alive again. In my opinion, that was the beginning of this chaos.

Our ancient world was affected by the wrath of the god, an infinite number of natural disasters constantly smashed our planet. The victims? I still refuse to believe that they are all, although some strive to prove otherwise. At the moment, among all being that are in this limbo (This is how most have decided to call it) I just reunited with an old friend, and yet both she and I don’t know anything of our own.

Hopes here are decreasing, over time all races are slowly losing their feelings. At first I thought that it was just a symptom of this new combat system, if it can be called so. But when we got included, I realized that I was wrong… Because until today we have never fought.

The first appear was the lack of appetite. Here, everyone have few months without feeding. The second appear was the somnolence… The first days, when the sun comes down, my worn out from rendered slept mourn body. Today I believe that I meet the eighth day without sleep.

Although all this is one minimum part of everything that is happening, from here it seems that all races have become accustomed to this, a constant endless struggle that leaves nothing, a future without feelings, an empty infinity and bloody hell in flames.

Primer Acto – Segunda Parte

Chapter II

The Crown

Times continues… The past two years have not been easy for anyone. But today, after so long, hope reborn in most of us, seeing itself reflected in a brave smallest human called “Drago”.

- Hey Drago! I’ve been thinking and… ¿Don’t you think that we should get into some field again? This place is so booooring and yet I do not lose that feeling. You know.

- Yair. ¿You never get tired of getting in trouble right? You already heard what my mother and father says.

-Come on Drago! What’s the worst that could happen here? What would be the punishment huh? This will be the last time, I promise.

-I already heard that from you so many times.

-We will not give up! we will not lower our arms now. We are warriors! and we born fighting for ours... maybe we are losing some of our feelings, but we'll never lose our essence, because it runs through our veins! - Shouted Regane king before a crowd.

-Ha! What a fool is Regane... Even he thinks he can continue to lead from above, when he could not do it even in Giran. - Yair was mocking him.

-My father is still one of his devoted followers and respects him, to the point of keep using portals of him. And i can assure you that he is not the only one, so nothing can surprise me. I would like that all comes back how it was... - Answered Drago disappointed.

-The braves little ones decided once again to use the portals. A new combat was awaiting them, a battle that no one would ever forget. A battle that will be in the history for ever.

-Hey Drago.


-Just be careful where you walk, will you? - Yair advised him.

-Remember it. We are warriors... We born fighting. - Answered Drago.

-Hahaha, then let it be man!

- Less talk and more action my Muppets! – Shouted Frand. One of the strongest dwarf on the entire world.

And so, Drago, Yair and his team began the battle of their lives. The portals give me the pleasure of being one of the spectators and I guess therefore my faith in Drago is much stronger. I felt the tension in the air from the beginning, each strategy of both teams finished offsetting the previous. Drago’s allies in many moments were lost. However, he was in the front of this chaos who encouraged them to continue on the way with his golden sword. And when all seemed lost… He turn backs the scene with a masterful play.

The rival team was invading its base and he was aware of this. His allies not knowing where he was, they keep trying to defend the Nexus positioned behind its towers, the most defensive as possible so they not suffer any loss. But they knew that the defeat was near… Suddenly the voice that no one expected was heard: “The enemy inhibitor has been destroyed.” The enemy gets disconcerted, then they realized that Drago was destroying his base, so they left with no choice but to retreat and defend their Nexus. Upon returning, they saw that the muppet was destroying the Dark Side Heart and they began to haunt him. Drago being alone against all just could leave, but the game was already won. His allies took the opportunity to knock down the opposing team Nexus when they leave their base unprotected. Leading to a truly epic victory

As in any game at the end, participants were completely paralyzed for a few seconds before returning to the limbo, but this time Drago was the exception. The boy keeps running thinking that their rivals still chasing him, but when he looks back he realized that there’s nobody there. Surpised, he began looking around and was at that time where he found a shiny crown standing on the terrain. When he decided to grab it, the portal throw him back again to the limbo, where the news had already began to disperse.

- Hey Drago, come here!

- Not now Asteric. ¿What’s going on?

-Listen, I have seen everything in the portal and I was not the only, I saw when you appeared in front of a magical crown. ¿Will you let me see it?

-No, it wouldn’t be right, not here in the middle of limbo, and I got into enough trouble to know what I don’t have to do.

- I do not want to be negative Drago, but I doubt that you can get away from this. Your father came out behind you when he knew that you were in the fields again, and apparently has not entered in your same battle. In addition, while running my way here, I heard several murmurs of other individuals who also saw what happened in that battle. Boy, they think that you’re the new chosen, also they believe that you are the only way out of this freaking nightmare.

-This is crazy, my father wouldn’t talk to me anymore. Asteric, I think that will be better to leave all this for a while.

-Hey, your majesty! Why you don’t ask to the god good beer huh? – Shouted exalted Yair

-Yair voice down now! You still don’t understand in the mess that you’ve gotten me into it? – Answered Drago.

-Come on man, relax, not be that bad to have a little bit more of power than the rest here, don’t you think?

-Yair you definitely lost several feelings, you already have forgotten what happened in the world that we really belong? You forgot my brother? Huh? Did you forgotten Kelly? I still didn’t find them, DAMN YOU!

-Drago’s Crown fell from his hands, and was raised alone to the top of his head. Emanating a clear and blinding light, which covered every corner of limbo. Seemed as it connected with him, as if it understood all the pain inside him.

Primer Acto – Tercera Parte

Chapter III

The hail of the New Hero

-Asteric, I don’t think that I could put up with this much longer. My head doesn’t stop thinking about thousands of things. Mainly as I supposed to tell this to my brother, if I find him ever again, that our father has really gone trying to protect me of the children’s attitudes that I usually have.

-Drago I can’t imagine how difficult is all this for you. Nor imagine how much heavy is the crown that you wear on your forehead just for obligation. I know that you want to find your father, but think about it again bro, of all the times that we fought there, how many times you have seen something different? It’s always the same Spheal, all those shit. But there in the Limbo Drago, my family and thousands of others of different races and skin tones, looking forward for you, hopefuls that you will always come back. They believe in yourself, they have blind faith in your crown. You’ve become her hope since so long ago… And I could tell you that you are my hope too. I just want to ask you to stop taking risks, we really need you alive Drago.

- Let me think alone Asteric. Anyway, thanks for the advices, I’ll see what I will do tomorrow.

The next day…

-Shane. I need you to authorize me up. – Drago pressing the guard.

-I’m sorry boy, you know that orders are orders, and Regane was very clear when he said that no one up here without permission.

-Bleh, tell to Regane that if he don’t call me on the next 20 minutes then I’ll start a revolution. And if you ask who will be their leader, tell him that this crown… It also speaks.

-Take it easy Drago, you know that I will send your message.

-Now in Limbo, Regane was “in charge” He had taken badly the bad plight that Drago was living. However, I was sure that if Drago intended to overthrow him, He would without any type of problem. People still believe in him, they had blind faith in his crown.

Fifteen minutes later…

-Drago, there’s someone looking you up – The guard didn’t delay in return Drago enlisted fast and decided to go up.

-Regane I just think that it’s your time to go – Drago was threatening the king.

-Hey Drago… Quiet, you’re still upset by your father right? – Replies Regane

-Son of a…

-Hey hey hey, calm down, calm down. Sorry Drago, it’s that my guards take all very personal, I just called you so you can see this beautiful crown. By the way very similar to yours, it isn’t?

- Damn miserable, Did you duplicate it?

-¿Duplicate? Há, I would call it otherwise… Portal’s Energy? No no no, the chosen of the goooooooods! Yeah I like that even more. Come on, take this bratty out of here.

-I’ll kill you!

-How sure are you about that?

Drago threw himself to the guards knocking them all with his imposing armor. He make a big jump stretching his golden sword to kill Regane, but just before reaching it, the gods take place again. They teleported both to a new battlefield suspended in the air. This opens a portal in the city never seen before that shows the scene. All in Limbo were astonished, they knew that just only one will come back alive.


Episode I The Crown

Aden's World reached their end.


Clan: NONE